Quick Tip | Does lifting weights make ladies bulky?

Does lifting weights make ladies bulky?

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Something cited often by women against the case for lifting weights. “I’ll get bulky if I lift weights”. So what do you do? Grab a light pair of dumbbells because you want to “tone” and start repping out sets of 12-15.

Well, i’ve got news for you!

“Light” sets of 12-15 is known as hypertrophy, and that’s exactly what you’d do to get “bulky”. So do you boo-boo.


Here’s the truth ladies, you lack the hormone profile to haphazardly get “bulky”. In fact, you’d have to go waaay out of your way and eat in a caloric surplus while having loads of testosterone to achieve the “bulky” physique you’re trying to avoid like the plague.

So, how do you get the “toned, athletic” physique you covet?

It’s simple, train like an athlete and perform compound movements. You’ll get way more bang for your buck performing compound movements vs. hitting every random machine in your local 24 fitness chain.

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