Our Sports Performance program is geared towards middle school & high school aged athletes. Each strength program will be tailored to the individual athlete. 

Because the strength programs are individualized, the group size will always be small (1-15 athletes).

As such, spots are limited!


Our main focus with these athletes is to help them become more athletic, stronger, faster, and help reduce injuries.

Coach Dixon's roots are in collegiate sports, and as such, he's brought the collegiate experience to you! 

During our athletic performance session, you'll experience:

  • wide range of strength training (bilateral & unilateral) tailored to the individual athlete

  • plyometric and medball training

  • conditioning techniques for sport specific energy systems

As well as:

  • Foam rolling and mobility techniques

  • injury reduction techniques

  • muscle activation

  • dynamic warmup


Recovery is the second half of the workout, and it’s important to start that recovery process as soon as possible. Which is why all of our sports performance athletes receive FREE PROTEIN DRINKS AFTER OUR TRAINING SESSION!

Request you're spot now, they're limited.