Kettlebell Snatch vs. Kettlebell High-Pull

Risk:Reward For The Kettlebell Snatch and the Kettlebell High-Pull

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I love the kettlebell high-pull, especially as a substitute for the kettlebell snatch. Not that the snatch is a bad exercise, because it isn't. In fact, I still do them often. 

However the risk:reward favors the high-pull over the snatch, and here's why.

How the kettlebell snatch and kettlebell high-pull are similar

Both movements are very similar in that, both movements, are very ballistic in nature, produce a ton of force, and require momentum in a repetitive fashion to bring the kettlebell overhead. 

The differences between the kettlebell snatch and kettlebell high-pull

Because of the repetitive nature of the snatch, (which ends with the kettlebell in a locked out position overhead with your arm extended). It places unnecessary force on the wrist, elbow, and shoulder. The repetitive nature of catching the kettlebell overhead, letting it fall from overhead, and swinging it back up to the overhead position; which over time causes injury/fatigue. 

Even with the best form, it still puts you at a great risk of injury than the kettlebell high-pull.

Ultimately, you've got to ask yourself "what are my training goals, why am I training, and am I willing to accept the risk of injury?"

For instance, if you're a field/court athlete. You've already got enough stress on those joints of the wrist, elbow, and shoulder. Are you willing to put yourself at risk of an injury performing a lift that, in all actuality, probably won't contribute to an increase in performance alone. Of course not. Training is suppose to aid in your performance, helping you to achieve the best possible position to be success in your sport.

In short, the kettlebell snatch and high-pull are more similar than they are different. In fact, the high pull is a progress to the snatch. Many of the benefits of the snatch can also be achieved through the high-pull, which is why I like the high-pull over the snatch. 

Ultimately, If you're just participating in the sport of life, then maybe throw in a couple snatches.


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