Our Adult Fitness training (small group, 1-15 athletes) is our bread and butter!


  • Build lean, athletic muscle!

  • increase strength & endurance!

  • scorch body fat!

Our Adult Fitness session provides a full spectrum, periodized strength program that utilizes progressive overload to ensure you see constant results! 

We utilize two different programs for our Adult Fitness Program, Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) & Cardio Strength Training (CST).

Our Metabolic Resistance Training circuit (the focus is on the weight lifted), covers every essential movement pattern, in all plans of motion; to ensure the most complete full body workout you’ll ever do.

Each movement will be loaded appropriately, ensuring that you meet the demands required for constant progress!

The purpose of these MRT sessions are to: build lean muscle, increase strength & endurance, as well as burn body fat.

We use a periodized program (a structured program to ensure we cover all means of muscular development) to ensure consistent results!

Our Cardio Strength Training circuit (CST) is a higher paced timed circuit (HIIT).

This isn’t your grandmother HIIT class at the local fitness club!

The focus is on intensity and quality movement. The pace is higher, and so are the reps. The weight will be lighter but the intensity will be higher.

We utilized timed circuits to ensure that we are working the targeting energy systems!

Together, MRT & CST create an incredibly well rounded program that you’re guaranteed to love, but most importantly, see results!

You'll find this program "satisfyingly difficult".